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2020 Virtual NACO Annual Conference, November 17th-19th

Thank you to all those who attended the 2020 NACO Annual Conference.  Although we were in new territory hosting the event virtually we had great turn out, attendee engagement and fantastic educational sessions.  Below you will find links to the recordings of our sessions as well as copies of the presentations given.  You can also access recordings of these and other NACO educational sessions and workshops on our YouTube channel.

The Changed & Changing Landscape of Public Lands Management: A detailed discussion on changes to key natural resources regulations including the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), the Endangered Species Act (ESA), and the implementation of a suite of broad-scale management tools.

Newly Elected County Officials Training – NACO’s Committee of the Emeritus: Former and long serving county commissioners and other experts give advice on best practices, how to handle tough situations and making the most of your time as an elected and/or appointed county official.

Key Note Speakers

D.C. Insider’s Prospective – National Association of Counties (NACO) Executive Director, Matt Chase

Dealing With Crisis – Nevada’s Ability to Restart & Rebuild – Guy Hobbs, Managing Member of Hobbs, Ong and Associates

Delivering Services in the Time of COVID – How the County World Has ChangedA discussion on how counties are supporting kids through additional recreation and childcare programs; how district courts have adjusted operations to safely provide access to justice; how communications have changed to effectively provide information to the public during a time of increased online information and misinformation; and providing services to the most vulnerable as needs and delivery systems change.

Clark County Initiatives and Programming to Address COVID-19 Impacts Across Human Services  – Kevin Schiller, Clark County Assistant Manager

Churchill County CARE Program – Churchill County Commissioner, Pete Olsen

County Services in the Time of COVID – Courts – Assistant District Court Administrator, 2nd Judicial District Court, Alicia Lerud

We are thankful for the support of our business community!






University of Nevada-Extended Studies Certified Public Officials Program.

NACO traditionally provides a location for the POWER 1 and POWER 2 courses required for the Certified Public Officials (CPO) program during our annual conference.  However, because of the transition to a virtual event this year, the University will be holding these courses virtually as well.  Click here for more information and to register for these courses. For questions on this program please contact Shannon Harris at

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