NV Division of Forestry Seeks NV Network of Fire Adapted Communities Executive Coordinator

The Nevada Network of Fire Adapted Communities (The Network) is a statewide organization that promotes wildfire preparedness, including defensible space and threat mitigation activities across all 17 counties of Nevada. As a collaborative focal point to support the development of fire adapted communities, The Network works collaboratively with a variety of government organizations, homeowner, and community based partners. The Executive Coordinator is responsible for providing the leadership and oversight necessary to: 1) Create a sustainable organization consisting of an effective statewide network of local fire adapted communities fully prepared for the occurrence of wildfire, 2) Support the development of community wildfire protection planning efforts to better prepare communities, counties and agencies for wildfire, 3) Promote fuels reduction and mitigation projects in wildland urban interface communities to reduce risk and mitigate potential loss. The Executive Coordinator will provide programmatic development, establishment, and operations management following the recommendations of the Advisory Board, with the supervisory, legal, logistical, and fiscal oversight provided by staff of the Nevada Division of Forestry. Click Here for more information.