Douglas County Seeks Economic Vitality Manager

Responsible for developing, planning, implementing, and managing programs aligned with the County's Economic Vitality guiding principles that improve the business climate and preserves the natural environment; facilitates the attraction of businesses that are unique and marketable. Learn more here.

New Resources!

In recognition of Mental Health Awareness Month (May), The National Association of Counties (NACo) has created a Mental Health Awareness Month: County Participation Toolkit. This toolkit includes templates and guidance for county governments to take action to reduce stigma, educate and engage the community, and build collaborative efforts to improve mental health outcomes in your community.

Additionally, the Rural Health Information Hub recently published the Emergency Response and Preparedness Toolkit which compiles evidence-based and promising models and resources to support counties implementing emergency planning, response, and recovery efforts. The toolkit includes guidance on planning, funding and resources, types of emergencies, post-emergency assessment, and more.

Explore other toolkits by Rural Health Information Hub, including a kit for Rural Prevention and treatment of Substance Use Disorders.

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