Public Surplus

Designed specifically for public agencies, the Public Surplus system enables counties to manage their entire surplus inventory, while at the same time maintaining compliance with state regulations and policies. The system's specific features allow for the reallocation or auctioning of surplus items without actual, or the appearance of: waste, favoritism or collusion.

Nevada requires that public agencies maintain audit-records detailing the disposition of every surplus item. Public Surplus satisfies this requirement by maintaining complete records of all transactions. The history of each item listed for auction is saved for up to seven years, giving counties the ability to easily obtain a printed record of this information.

Public Surplus simplifies internal reallocation ensuring that, whenever possible, counties can efficiently reallocate surplus items internally. The specifically designed "Reallocation Component", provides a way for agencies to notify all appropriate departments instantly and automatically of surplus items available for redistribution. Interested departments are then allowed to easily and electronically request these surplus items.

Public Surplus helps agencies attract larger numbers of community members to their surplus auctions. By being accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, an agency's auctions via Public Surplus allow a larger percentage of the community to take advantage of surplus bargains.

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